The area of contrast between Pfänder & Lake Constance, between steep rocky flanks & the eternally flat lake, that is Bregenz. In just a few minutes you can leave the urban center and enjoy nature. Hike high above Bregenz or experience the lake. The possibilities are endless.

Experience The Mountain

Mount Pfänder above Lake Constance. It does not even take 6 minutes to leave the city center and reach the top of Pfänder. And up there the fun just begins. Plenty of activities await such as a wildlife park, hiking opportunities, views on more than 240 mountains and once a year even a art exhibition. Pfänder mountain is a well-known secret right above the city. 

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Experience the Lake

Livelihood, traffic route, place of longing. No matter where you are in Bregenz, the lake is always present. Stroll along the promenade, round trips across the lake or incredible sunsets on the city's beaches. If you want to have a perfect day at the lake, you should pay us a visit. 

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Lake & Mountain

Lake or Mountain? Either way takes you only a few minutes. Only few cities can offer this. Would you rather enjoy getting closer to the sky or up on the water?

OUR Highlights

Getting around Lake Constance not only includes daily leisure ship cruises between the cities at Lake Constance. Round, culinary and experience trips, even classical concerts on the lake are possible, too. Request permission to coma aboard!

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Bregenz is a perfect hub for discovering more around Lake Constance and the border triangle. Taking a train to St. Gallen (CH) or a ship to Constance (GER)? Well, in both cases, the journey will be just as beautiful as the destination. 

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Ein Schiff vor der Hafeneinfahrt in Bregenz Ein Schiff vor der Hafeneinfahrt in Bregenz
Die Kabine der Pfänderbahn im Sonnenuntergang Die Kabine der Pfänderbahn im Sonnenuntergang

City to nature within minutes. Views included. The Pfänder Cable Car is a institution beloved by guests and locals. Absolute local-tip: Early in the morning and late in the evening the car is not only less crowded, but the views are even more stunning. 

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