We have provided 30 dynamic and static signs across the city to help you find the best parking spot.  


Parking Spots in Bregenz

An overview of official places to park your car.

4 Marked Areas for Parking SPots

Electronic panels across the city display parking spots in your area and guide you to the nearest parking facility.

The 1900 lots within the inner city are ordered in three zones, a short parking zone subject to fees, fare zone A and fare zone B. Please notice the differences in fees and allowed parking times within these three areas. 

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Public Charging Stations


Without Cash. Without Ticket. Without Stress.

Use v-parking to easily pay your parking fee via App. Download the Brochure or  App right here.

Caravan Parking


It is not allowed to park your caravan in/at:

- Parkplatz Ost, Parkplatz West, Sägergasse, Druckergasse, Parkplatz Moosweg, Parkplatz Meinradgasse, Wocherhafen

- everywhere along the shore of Lake Constance

Apart from the exceptions above caravans can be parked on public parking areas. However, on public parking spaces it is not allowed to camp (no cooking, no chairs in front of the car etc.).


Please Notice: When using your caravan as an accommodation you have to use a official camping ground.

Bus Parking Bregenz

Buses can be parked on 4 official bus parking spaces in Bregenz.

Parkplatz West – 10 spots (during Bregenz Festival: 32 spots)
Seestadtareal – 8 spots (max. 3h)
Reichsstraße – 11 spots (private spot managed by Pfänderbahn Bregenz)
Remise – 10 spots (Close to Parkplatz Ost)