The widely known Schattenburg in Feldkirch is home to a museum that was expanded and redesigned as recently as 2010. Schattenburg Castle was built around 750 years ago. In modern times, the Schattenburg served as barracks and later as a poorhouse. The castle owes its rescue to the Heimatpflege- und Museumsverein Feldkirch. The castle now houses the castle inn on the ground floor and the Schattenburg Museum on the upper floors. The 18 rooms of the museum show how people used to live, and there is also an impressive collection of sacred and secular art. In the keep, weapons are exhibited, from the Middle Ages to World War II. You can also see - with special guided tours - exhibits on the history of hand spinning and weaving. Through the bull's-eye windows, the visitor has a beautiful view of Feldkirch.

The Schattenburg Museum offers public guided tours every Wednesday at 6 p.m. from May to October. Individual tours are also available at any time by appointment.

For young visitors, a tour of a medieval castle is always an experience, as there are exciting stories to hear and much to learn about the castle's mysterious devices and objects.

Schattenburgmuseum Feldkirch

Burggasse 1

6800 Feldkirch