Full speed ahead on the "King's state yacht". The art nouveau steamer is always an impressive sight even for experienced sailors.

Hohentwiel Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH

Hofsteigstrasse 8

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The Hohentwiel is one of the most beautiful historic paddle steamers in Europe. She made her first voyage back in 1913 and has been enriching Lake Constance ever since as a masterpiece of craftsmanship from this very special era.

Various themed cruises on the Hohentwiel, be it a jazz brunch or gourmet and literary cruises, take guests on a very special journey on one of Lake Constance's most historic ships.

Let yourself be transported to another era, on this magnificent, last steamboat on Lake Constance!

Current Schedule

Ein Blick in den Innenraum der HSG Hohentwiel Ein Blick in den Innenraum der HSG Hohentwiel


Time travel by ship: Quality, style and sovereignty are the most important ingredients for a successful company anniversary, the somewhat different company outing, conference, product presentation or the special thank you to premium customers. Pure nostalgia: Rent the "King's state yacht" and experience unforgettable moments!