Eating is a need, enjoying is an art. What La Rouchefoucauld once wrote has always been an open secret in Bregenz. Art is easy for us, why should it be any different when it comes to eating in Bregenz?

Wine & Dine in Bregenz

Just treat yourself. We all know it. And they do it far too infrequently. In the restaurants of our city you can hardly help it. International dishes, regional specialties or sometimes completely unusual. We remain true to ourselves here and promise an extraordinary variety. We're only simple when it comes to quality.

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Ein auf dem Tisch angerichtetes Dessert Ein auf dem Tisch angerichtetes Dessert

Bars & Places

The Bregenz bar scene is sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. But is always unusual.

Because often it's not just a bar. Half of it can also be a studio. Or gallery. Or a restaurant.

Either way: the new festival stage, the new exhibition in the Kunsthaus, the new outfit from Römerstrasse and much more are best discussed in one of our bars.

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Time for Coffee

In both summer and winter, there is nothing better than a coffee after a long walk by the lake. Ok, to be honest, a coffee is never wrong, right?

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