The three-country corner around Bregenz can be easily explored by boat and train. "City hopping" to St. Gallen or Constance is possible at any time. And the way is almost always as beautiful as the destination.



Bregenz (A), Constance (D), St. Gallen (CH): discover a different city on Lake Constance every day - and you won't have to move your car or change hotels. Travel comfortably by boat, train and/or bicycle and visit a new city every day. The result is active relaxation in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Europe. Visit Switzerland, Austria and Germany on Lake Constance - from the cultural and festival city of Bregenz to the UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Abbey Library in St. Gallen to Constance with its Council history and the flower island of Mainau. Let yourself be inspired by the city hopping at Lake Constance!


Bregenz (A), Constance (D) and St.Gallen (CH) can be easily visited by train. Several connections are available every hour. On you can find the current connections. Especially in the summer months, it is also recommended to travel to and from the city by boat. You can find timetable information at and at The three towns can also be easily reached by bicycle. The Lake Constance Cycle Path connects the towns via an excellent network of cycle paths. You can find maps here. A popular option is also to arrive by bike and return by boat or train.

Karte vom Bodensee Karte vom Bodensee

By train to St. Gallen or by boat to Konstanz. For a short trip in the three-country corner, Bregenz is the ideal starting point.


Bregenz is a diverse city and has a lot to offer. Here you will find suggestions for a successful trip to the capital of Vorarlberg.


  • The Bregenz Festival is known far beyond its borders - and rightly so! The world's largest lake stage is also worth a visit outside the festival season.
  • The Kunsthaus Bregenz, designed by Peter Zumthor, attracts national and international art lovers to its constantly changing exhibitions every year.
  • The vorarlberg museum offers interesting insights into the history of Vorarlberg's origins.
  • The old town of Bregenz, also called Oberstadt, offers an insight into medieval Bregenz. The Martinsturm, Bregenz's landmark, is also located there.
  • In the baroque St. Gallus church you can marvel at the silver altar.
  • If you want to have a detailed insight into the history and architecture of Bregenz, you should definitely book a city tour.

  • In Bregenz you can stop at award-winning restaurants, such as the Casino Restaurant FALSTAFF.
  • If you prefer good plain food, you can visit the idyllic Wirthaus am See, the Gasthaus Kornmesser or the Gasthaus Goldener Hirschen. You can find all restaurants here.
  • In Bregenz there is always a weekly market on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Look forward to regional products of the highest quality.
Blick vom Hafen auf das Kunsthaus Bregenz und alte Post bei Sonnenschein Blick vom Hafen auf das Kunsthaus Bregenz und alte Post bei Sonnenschein


  • Bregenz offers a dense network of paths for cyclists. The route directly along Lake Constance is particularly popular. There are several possibilities to rent bikes or charge e-bikes.
  • With the Pfänderbahn you can reach the mountain station on the Pfänder (1064m) in only 6 minutes. From there you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of over 200 peaks or the entire Lake Constance. Hiking fans also get their money's worth on numerous trails.
  • Lake Constance provides wonderful cooling on hot summer days. Especially popular are the lido and the pipeline with the Mili, the old military bath.
  • Stand-up paddling is becoming more and more popular. In Bregenz you can rent the necessary equipment and attend a course.
Nahaufnahme eines Drinks in der Mavericks Bar St. Gallen Nahaufnahme eines Drinks in der Mavericks Bar St. Gallen


St. Gallen wurde im 7. Jahrhundert gegründet und zählt seit den 80er Jahren zu den UNESCO Weltkulturerbe-Stätten. Die imposante, doppelstöckige Kathedrale gehört zum Kloster St. Gallen und war einst das geistigen Zentrum Europas. Die barocke Stiftsbibliothek ist noch heute weltbekannt. St. Gallen ist eine urbane und dynamische Stadt, ideal gelegen zwischen dem Bodensee und dem Alpstein. Informationen zu einem Besuch in St. Gallen finden Sie hier:

Zwei Teller mit Essen im Hintergrund ein Glas Wein Zwei Teller mit Essen im Hintergrund ein Glas Wein


Constance, the largest city on Lake Constance, invites you to go cycling, hiking, shopping or just to stay and relax. Constance offers a historic city center, the Constance Council and small, fine museums. At the same time, Constance has a unique history that can be experienced, a very lively present and many ideas for the future - culture, nature, pleasure and science. Information about a discovery tour to Constance can be found here: