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Located directly on the Harder Binnenbecken, training and rental for windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) are offered. Canoes and kayaks can also be rented. The light winds at Lake Constance are especially ideal for beginners. The flat water and manageable size guarantee safe learning and fast progress. Stand Up Paddling (short: SUP) is a trend sport from Hawaii, which is now also conquering domestic waters. With SUP, you stand upright on a special surfboard and move around with the help of a paddle. This is an easy way to explore Lake Constance and its neighboring rivers.

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Surfkultur SUP RENTAL Seecamping

Directly at the Seecamping in Bregenz you can rent SUP boards and attend SUP courses. Starting from Seecamping you can discover Lake Constance and Bregenz from a whole new perspective!

Surfkultur SUP Rental Seecamping

Hechtweg 1


Ländle SUP Lochau: Stand Up PaddelING in Vorarlberg

The school and rental station at the Kaiserstrand in Lochau offers high-quality rental equipment as well as a wide range of courses and tours. You will be trained and guided by certified SUP instructors, who not only ensure the necessary safety, but also impart their knowledge extensively, so that the trips become a special paddling experience. These range from breathtaking sunset tours on the lake to tours in the beautiful nature reserve of the Old Rhine. For those who find paddling on calm waters too boring, the white water SUP tour on the Bregenzer Ache is recommended. Equipped with a helmet, life jacket and neoprene clothing, you can ride through action-packed rapids and master cataracts on a 10km stretch of river.

Ländle SUP Lochau

Am Kaiserstrand

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The trend sport SUP (stand-up paddling) is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. You stand upright on the board and move around with the help of a paddle. Stand-up paddling is very easy to learn, as little effort is required and the intensity of the effort can be determined by the user. In addition, SUP is an effective cross-training that is easy on the joints, strengthens the upper body, abdomen and back, and also stabilizes the knee and ankle joints through constant balancing. In addition to the extensive course program, the Bregenz Surf School also offers rental of surf and SUP equipment.
Our professional SUP rental station is brand new and located at Strandbad Bregenz.
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Surfing is much more than a sport - surfing is an attitude towards life!

SUPCenter Bregenz from the surf school Wasserburg

Reutener Straße 12

88142 Wasserburg