In the course of urban development and neighborhood development projects, the provincial capital has constantly evolved in recent years and created an awareness of sustainable building culture. In the process, Bregenz as an E5 municipality also pays attention to a sustainable and forward-looking approach to our living space in the operation of its institutions. Green Meeting-certified businesses such as Hotel Schwärzler or Kongresskultur Bregenz GmbH set standards here as hosts. "New concepts and ideas need space and offer the possibility to give new potential to different quarters and to react to changes in the market", Niklas Keller, head of the economic service of Bregenz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH, states and adds: "The attractiveness of a city also lives from constant change, so it is also becoming increasingly important to constantly adapt the quarters of a city to the needs of the residents:inside and visitors:inside and thereby increase the quality of stay". With the neighborhood developments that have been driven forward in Bregenz for more than ten years, it has already been possible to redesign important core zones of the city and to take significant steps in the area of urban development.

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Panoramablick auf Bregenz und den Bodensee Panoramablick auf Bregenz und den Bodensee